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Labour Market Impact Assessment ("LMIA") and Obtaining a Job Offer

Foreign Nationals are not permitted to work in Canada unless specifically authorized.

One of the ways that an employer may lawfully employ a foreign national is through obtaining a positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) from HRDC (Human Resources Development Canada).

Obtaining a positive LMIA permits the employer to persuade the Canadian authorities that it is necessary to fill the specific position with a temporary foreign worker. 

Even if employer is successful in obtaining an LMIA, there is still the issue of finding the appropriate candidate for the position.

A practical issue for the candidate is how that person may make themselves known to the employers. This may be challenging especially for those who cannot afford to visit Canada simply for the purpose of looking for employment.

Some suggestions for foreign nationals wanting to connect with a Canadian employer include:

1.     in-person and online networking;

2.     contacting recruiting agencies;

3.     contacting employers directly;

4.     reviewing employer’s website;

5.     review employer’s job postings;

6.     using LinkedIn and other social media; and

7.     review other online resources such as job banks and private job posting websites (e.g., “Workopolis”, “”).

Though, there are some occupations that are exempt from obtaining an LMIA the candidate is still required to obtain a valid employment offer to present to the immigration authorities.

If you intend on immigrating to British Columbia, Canada, we would be happy to speak with you and discuss your options.

Written by
Anith Layland, BCPA registered paralegal
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