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The "retainer" is a sum of money that goes into my company's trust account. This payment will be withdrawn from time to time as I issue an account for services which I have already completed.  So long as the payment remains in the trust account, the retainer is still yours. The retainer assures me that I will be compensated for my work, and allows me to concentrate on advancing your cause.

Most issues in family law require hourly billing. My rate is $250 / hr.

Some issues in family law may be billed at a flat-rate. More on this below.

Expected Retainer

Different types of matters require different retainers. A matter in the Supreme Court will generally require a more substantial retainer than a matter in the Provincial Court. However, most matters are more efficiently resolved in Supreme Court.

Supreme Court
  • e.g., divorce, division of family property, custody, child support, care of children (guardianship, parenting arrangements), spousal support, repayment of debt, damages for loss of income, relocation / mobility
Provincial Court
  • e.g., care of children (guardianship, parenting arrangements), spousal support, child support, protection order, relocation / mobility

Limited Retainer / "Unbundling" of Legal Services

In limited cases, I will consider assisting you on a "limited retainer" basis. This will generally require you to be able to negotiate for yourself and to speak in court. In such a case, I could assist you with preparing pleadings, separation agreements, Notices of Family Claim, and Financial Statements; completing legal research for you; or assisting you with court procedure and trial preparation.

Flat Fee Billing

I will consider flat-fee billing for the following services:

  • Desk-Order Divorce
  • Marriage Agreement
  • Separation Agreement
  • Family Sponsorship Application
  • Immigration Permit
  • Review Agreements

This means that I will complete the service for the fee regardless of the time that it takes for me to complete the service.

Legal Aid

I am committed to supporting Legal Aid. I accept select cases from Legal Aid. I  primarily accept Family Law Act ("FLA") and Child, Family and Community Services Act ("CFCSA") referrals.

If you intend to retain me via Legal Aid, please ensure that you have arranged for coverage with Legal Aid before contacting me.

Pro Bono

I am committed to serving our community. I regularly attend Pro Bono clinics throughout the community. Currently, I am attending the clinic at Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society at 442 Leon Ave., Kelowna, B.C.

Concluding Comments

Unfortunately, in many cases family law litigation will be expensive. All it takes is for one party to behave "unreasonably" to prevent the parties from reaching a negotiated solution.

Any time and energy spent on negotiating my fee is diverted from advancing and protecting your legal interests.  

The purpose of my blog is to continue to assist the general public who are not in a position to retain me. I provide general legal information and do NOT provide legal advice. Please review the "Terms of Use" immediately.

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