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Sean Kinney
Owner Principal, Kinney Professional Services

Mark took on my challenging case partway from another lawyer. There were countless court documents to review. We were trying to move from BC to Alberta, bidding for full custody of our 3 children, and needed child and spousal support payments. Mark didn’t give me false hopes or promises. Mark was available and was excellent at defusing situations without unneeded escalations. My previous lawyer made empty promises, pushed back court dates and trials, did not fight for my interests or really care about it. When Mark came on he was so professional, listened, gave options, helped me understand what was actually obtainable in court. He tried to solve my problems without trial but ultimately we did an 8-day trial, and we won! When I compare my lawyers, it is clear to me that Mark is someone who really wants to help and make a difference and goes after it too. I’m so thankful for all of Marks hard work, dedication and honesty. We have been given our freedom back, the control taken from the wrong hands back into the right hands, and my life’s road wide open for the taking. I have a year left of college and I am to depend on myself to care for myself and raise the children. This is what I have always dreamed of and I can honestly say that I am more content, happy, excited and ready for the rest of this incredible life!! As for my children, they have a great group of core friends, lots of friends in the neighbourhood and are always busy out and about playing, learning and growing in peace!

Pam B.

When I sought legal assistance I was in the 7th year of a custody dispute with my 7 year old daughter's father. When she was 4 he was able to have her put under his care and gained having his home as her "main residence" which gave him the right to have final say in any debate or shared decision to be made unless I took it to court. This was despite there being any legal or lawful reason to. I felt his lawyer bullied me and the court system. I tried to have other lawyers and legal aid, but ended up representing my own interests in court. My naivety and inexperience continued to hurt my chances of having a fair child sharing arrangement with the other parent. I did not have the budget to retain counsel. Things looked dire for me and my daughter. My brief previous experiences with lawyers were less than fruitful. I found that because I was often a legal aid case, I was pushed aside and not acknowledged when I felt I needed it most. Often the other party and his lawyer would send offers or submit affidavits that were time sensitive and I did not want to reply without knowing what I was getting myself into, yet I found my concerns were not reciprocated by the lawyer. Mr. Chiu, on the other hand, was very easy to contact and stay in communication with. Even if he was unavailable, he would let me know as soon as possible, and plan when we could talk; I never felt ignored. All in all I trusted Mr. Chiu and felt he always had the best interest of my daughter first and foremost. He is efficient and diligent, and I was often impressed to see how well respected he seemed to be by the court. Mr. Chiu has impacted my life immeasurably. Without the guidance of Mr. Chiu, I would still be battling the situation. He provided clear and concise advice on how to stay calm and effective in a highly charged emotional environment. His assistance brought about an incredibly significant positive change to my life, my home, and most importantly to my family.

Sarah F.

After being served in April, 2016 by my ex, I felt bullied and overwhelmed with her application to change our separation agreement. I didn’t fully understand how my ex could ask for such detailed amendments to S.7 Expenses. My ex had created a very stressful and difficult environment for me for almost 2 years by this time. She threatened legal action, denied me access to my daughter, and was just plain mean. This made my personal and professional life strained. I sought legal advice, which led me to your office. Your professionalism and compassion made the entire process less stressful then it would have been had I opted not to retain your services. Immediately after meeting you, I felt confident that my needs would be met without me being led to believe that I was going to get more then I asked for. You kept me grounded. I recall you being direct with me to the point where you told me that’s it’s unlikely I would be awarded an area of my counterclaim, and gave suggestions based on your experience. Your promptness with your responses to my numerous email queries made me feel that I was your only client. I knew realistically that wasn’t the case, but there was a sense of dedication from you to represent me without other distractions. Feeling like I was no longer alone dealing with all this, my personal and professional life went back to normal. I could let emails or texts from my ex roll off me rather than let it affect my entire mood. I can’t express to you how appreciative I am of everything you’ve done for me. I would wholeheartedly recommend you and your office to anyone dealing with a family law issue, or any legal matter you may focus on.

Sheldon W.

After 8 long years of working with 3 other lawyers, Mark was able to help me finally achieve a legal separation. The fact that my ex and I had numerous business’s together, a family trust, as well as family assets and 3 kids, did not deter him from helping me reach a prompt resolution, nor the fact that I was located in Quesnel, BC. I found Mark to be very professional, responsible and committed to finding a cost-effective solution for me. His kindness in respect to listening to my frustrations and keeping me focussed on the items that really mattered, was invaluable. I really enjoyed working with him; his passion and dedication to my case was very much appreciated. He has taken a huge stressor out of my life; my kids and I are forever indebted to him. We can now look forward to the future with confidence and hope. With Mark’s expertise and high standards, I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking help in the area of Family Law.

Shirley K.

I had a double custody case with an abusive ex, where the two fathers teamed up against me, with a smear campaign based on lies and false accusations. This made it extremely complicated to fight. The first judge insisted on letting them be heard together and I needed them separated into two cases. I went through three other lawyers before I was blessed with help from Mark Chiu. One of my previous lawyers just wanted to settle because he assumed I was guilty of the allegations since both fathers were against me and he was just lazy. Another lawyer started out hard but the continual onslaught from the abusive ex and the bias on behalf of the judge made him lose steam, as it was affecting his other cases before that judge. It was then that I had a friend recommend Mark, he helped her in her custody battle with an equally narcissistic, abusive ex and he had helped her win. Luckily he agreed to accept my case and that is when everything started to change in my favour. We got the cases separated and started winning bit by bit. His demeanour and professionalism was exactly what I needed. I had been through a lot and was highly emotional and he was an expert on keeping me calm and reminding me to keep myself in check. Me and my children are extremely blessed to have had such an amazing lawyer on our side to help us through our darkest times. He accomplished things three other lawyers were not able to and helped me slay my demon. I am in Dawson Creek, BC Thanks to Mark, and his help I want to take what I have learned through my ordeal and try and help other victims of domestic violence know where to go and how to find the help they need, and know that there is help out there. Not to just let their abusers use the system and the courts to destroy them.

Ricki P.

Recently I have had to deal with a Separation, in which involved the Care and Well being of children. Before I had met with Mr.Chiu, I had met with a few other lawyers who lead me to believe that my "case" or legal matter would be nearly impossible to pursue. When meeting Mr.Chiu, he was very understanding and sympathetic to the current situation at which I was currently at hands with. Above all he was willing to help me despite the odd's of the possible outcomes. We worked hard for over a year together. Mr.Chiu was so wonderful in helping me in all aspect's from, being there for me as my legal attorney, as a "coach" to help settle my nerves/worries before trial dates, and after. Mr.Chiu was always very professional in pursing every aspect surrounding my case. He went to great lengths to settle my legal matter which resulted in the best outcome, I only went in hoping for. I truly have Mr.Chiu to thank for his outstanding hard work, dedication and compassion towards my situation. I live in Prince George, Northern B.C. I would highly recommend meeting with Mr.Chiu regarding legal maters.

Mrs. H.
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